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To keep updated on current affairs and watch the news report about today´s Britain public sector strike.

domingo, 27 de noviembre de 2011

Revise&check answers


a 1 look for it 2 pick you up 3 look it up 4 look like her 5 turn it down 6 take after him
7 write it down 8 Put them away

b 1 Did you enjoy the holiday? 2 What are they talking about? 3 Why didn´t you like living abroad? 4 How many books have you read this month? 5 Who won the marathon last year?

c 2 Had you been 3 Who did you go 4 Why didn´t 5 How long did you
d (Brackets show alternative positions)

1 Drive carefully because it´s raining very hard.
2 I could hardly see the screen.
3 We almost missed the ocncert.
4 She speaks French and Spanish fluently, and a little German.
5 We don´t ( often) see each other often-only about twice a year.
6 I enjoyed the holiday very much.
7 It was an awful journey ut eventually we got there ( eventually).
8 The ambulance arrived immediately.


a 1 shut up 2 close down 3 went on 4 turn on 5 gone up 6 took off 7 give out 8 looking into

b 1 game show 2 headline 3 channel 4 biased 5 audience figures
c 1 leg 2 sense 3 funny 4 joking 5 cartoons 6 telling 7 fun
d 1 gradually 2 at the end 3 Ideally 4 at the moment 5 hard.


1 A 1 T 2 F 3 F 4T 5 T 6 F 7 T

B 1 available 2 host 3 enclosed 4 provided free of charge 5 escort you
6 show you around 7 hire 8 coach transfer 9 stall 10 placement test

6 1 the same to you 2 Good luck 3 Never mind/ it doesn´t matter 4 Bless you!
5 Congratulations ! 6 Happy Birthday! 7 No, thanks, I´m full 8 Cheers!
9 Help yourself ! 10 See you tomorrow/later

ADVERBS BINGO (answer key)

1 1 terribly 2 luckily 3 at once 4 especially 5 slightly

2 1 hard 2 absolutely 3 gradually 4 always 5 carefully

3 1 nowadays 2 as well 3 nearly 4 just 5 lately

4 1 much 2 hardly 3 often 4 seriously 5 unfortunately

5 1 carefully 2 basically 3 late 4 luckily 5 probably

6 1 lately 2 hardly 3 very 4 always 5 eventually

7 1 absolutely 2 rarely/hardly 3 Nearly 4 as well 5 gradually

8 1 fluently 2 unfortunately 3 seriously 4 eventually/luckily 5 actually

jueves, 24 de noviembre de 2011


What are all these people doing?
Why are they doing it?
What day is it supposed to be?

Learn everything about this event by clicking on this link

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Listen to this youngster talking about this important holiday. Then answer the following questions

1) How many "celebrations " does she have a day?
2) What is confusing according to her?
3) What´s typical food on this day apart from turkey ?
4) What´s her favourite dish on this day? What adjective does she use to describe it?
5) What does she love doing that is very competitive ?
6) Do they get back to school after this celebration?Whay? Why not?

Use this other link for a different perspective of this holiday.

Watch this video for a different view on how to spend Thanksgiving.

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Watch the video on this link but don´t look at the videoscript below yet. Use this worksheet and
fill in the gaps .
Check answers using the videoscript which appears below the video itself.

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2011


Watch this American journalist expressing his anger at the financial American crisis. Can you see a lot of yourself in here? Feel free to post your comments.

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2011


1.- a)We USUALLY think the rest of the European Countries are better (referred to the present??
b) We USUALLY turn a blind eye on ........ ( referred to the present??)

2.- a)In spite of LIVING in a big country we are hard-working and we USUALLY organize our time

3.- The population CAN´T dance flamenco.
4.- WITH regard to not BEING hard-working....
5.- We HAVE /TAKE A NAP every day.
6 .-This is the same situation AS flamenco dancers.
7.- I disagree with THESE ideas....
8.- MOST OF the Northeuropean COUNTRIES.
9.- We´re lazier THAN OTHER nationalities.

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2011


Page 106

1 a played 2 caused 3 came 4 helps 5 do you mean 6 told 7 happened 8 costs 9 suit 10 does the letter say

2 1 a What did Alice break? b Who broke her arm?
2 aWhat did Paul find? b Who found a necklace?
3 a What did the bomb destroy b What destroyed a school?
4 a Who lost the map? b) What did Fred lose?
5 a What does Julie teach? b Who teaches Japanese?
6 a Who prefers classical music ? b What kind/sort /type of music does his wife prefer?
7 a How many people does room 6 hold? b Which room holds 600 people?
8 a Whose baby keeps us awake at night? b) who does her baby keep awake at night?
9 a Who can´t wear red? b What colour can´t Sheila wear?
10 a Who caught the first train ? b Which train did Peter catch?

Page 107

1 1 What a re you thinking about?
2 Who did you buy it from?
3 Who did she send it to?
4 What will you carry it in ?
5 What can I eat it with ?
6 What did she hit him with ?
7 Who does your father work for?
8 Who did you make it for ?
9 What´s the book about ?
10 Who were you talking to ?

2 1 What are you waiting for?
2 What are you worried about?
3 What are you taoking about?
4 Who do you want to speak to ?
5 Who do you work for ?
6 What are you looking at ?
7 What are you looking for ?
8 What are you interested in ?
9 Who are you writing to ?
10 What are you thinking about?

3 1 Who from? 2 Who for? 3 Where to?
4 Who with? 5 Who to? 6 What about?
7 Who with? 8 What for? 9 What with ?
10 What with?

Now try to do it looking only at the sentences, orally.


Here´s an account of some of the most common mistakes I found on your first written asignments. In a few days´time I´ll publish an entry with the corrections. I´m looking forward to your answers.

Spot and correct the mistakes:

1.- a)We used to think the rest of the European Countries are better (referred to the present??
b) We use to turn a blind eye on ........ ( referred to the present??)

2.- a)In spite of we live in a big country we are hard-working and we used to organize our time

3.- The population don´t know dance flamenco.
4.- In regard to not to be hard-working....
5.- We´ve a siesta every day.
6 .-This is the same situation than flamenco dancers.
7.- I disagree with that ideas....
8.- The most of the Northeuropean countrys.
9.- We´re lazier that others nationalities.

jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011


Look at this photo.
Who is this man? He seems to be wearing a flower on his lapel.
What flower is it?
Why is he wearing it?


A 1 call you name 2 feel sad 3 throw a dice 4 play all my cards 5 go through 6 obey rules 7 make sense 8 shake your hand.

B 1 gone through 2 played all my cards 3 made sense 4 throw a dice 5 calls your name
6 rules must be obeyed 7 feel sad 8 shake my hand

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011


Use this song to do the exercise in your books ( File 1B)

Download this mp3 from Beemp3.com


Click on this page to learn more about Guy Fawkes. There´s reading, writing and listening practice on the subject. You´ll notice some parts are to be done in class but since there´s no time for that stick to the ones you can do on your own. The MP3 podcast in on top of the page.


Here´s a copy of the handout of the phrasal verb game we did in class last week as promised.