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Only for NI2C students:

 1 ´ve played   2  ´s been trying   3  ´ve been shopping   haven´t bought   4  We´ve been waiting   5  has...been going out   ´ve met    6 has lived/has been living   7  have...been learning   haven´t learnt   have you been doing   ´ve been repairing   ´ve been looking   haven´t found    has travelled   has been   ´ve known    ´ve never had   haven´t had    ´ve been working


Click on this link to download the worksheet.

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236  2 You shoud have it repared
        3  He´s having his hair cut
        4  We are having our swimming pool cleaned
        5  She has had a dress made.
        6  He has his milk delivered very morning
        7  He´s going to have his tooth filled.
        8  She had her filled up with petrol. (Garage is also a petrol station)
        9  We´re going to have a garage built next week.
        10  He had his house designed by an architect.
237  2 I´m having my car mended
        3  I´ve had new windows put in
        4 I´ll have a swimming pool built next year
        5 I have my shoes cleaned every day
        6 I have my car washed every week
        7 I´m having a new shower installed next month
        8 I had a rocking chair made for my wife
        9 I have my son´s homework checked every night.

238   2 I had it dyed last week
         3  I have it done ...
         4  I have my own clothes made....
         5  I have it repaired....
         6  to have them washed
         7  I have it tidied
         8  I have them polished....

239  2 Martha had her car stolen    3  Terry had his leg broken  4 Rick had his house broken
           into   5 Gary had his windows smashed     6 Todd  has had his driving licence
           taken away

240    2 Tony had his car fixed
          3 You should have your toilet unblocked
          4  Have/Get your room tidied
          5  Simon is going to have a suit made
          6  Did he have his eyes tested?
          7  Tommy has his homework done
          8  The girl had her story read
          9  They will have their meal cooked
         10  He ´s having his report typed
         11  She will have her lounge decorated
         12  you should have your car brakes fixed
         13  When will you have your new shower installed
         14  Bruce may have his roof repaired
         15  Are you going to have your motorbike serviced?
         16  I´ve had the whole report rewritten.
         17  Her children are having computer science taught
         18 James had the flowers sent to his girlfriend´s house
         19 Can´t you have the washing machine repaired?
         20  You should have a telephone installed
         21  Mary had the lawn mowed yesterday
         22  Jane wants to have her dress made.
         23  Bob has just had her hair cut
         24  Sharon might have her hair dyed red tomorrow.
         25  Debbie has had new carpets fitted in her house
         26  Sue´s having her feet massaged at the moment.
         27  I used to have my teeth polished every six months
         28  We need to have our house painted     

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A 1 dark curly  3 hideous pink  5 gorgeous 16th century
B  1 the more tired you are, the more mistakes you make.
      2 The angrier she gets, the more the shouts.
      3 The nearer the centre you live, the more expensive it is.
      4 the sooner we start, the sooner we´ll finish.

C  1 hadn´t gone  2 could   3 hadn´t told  4 would help   5 would play
D  1 have them painted  2 had it repaired   3 having it cut   4 had it cleaned


a 1 dressing´-gown ( the others are sportswear)
    2 cap ( the others are all kinds of shoes)
    3 Gloves ( the others are all kinds of shoes)
    4 plain  ( the others are all types of design)

b  1 casual  2 bargains   3 designer   4 discount
c   1 illogical  2 immature   3 unsociable   4 insensitive   5 dishones   6 irresponsible
      7 inconsiderate   8 unselfish   9 impatient  10 disorganized

d   1 cosy  2 tap   3 gate   4 dishwasher  5 detached house


b  1 17.30
     2  Wednesday or Thursday
     3 supermarkets and department stores
     4 Camden Passage, bond Street, King´s Road
     5 (possible answers) a camera-Tottenham Court Road; a dictionary- Waterstone´s;
         a CD-HMV; a scarf-Marks and Spencer.

     6 Yes

GETTING IT RIGHT (answer key)

 1 Different
 2 Different:  over= aabove, not touching
 3 Same
 4 Different
 5 Different
 6 Same
 7 Same  they are synonyms but we use   Over  and not Above with verbs of movement: Ex: We´re flying over the city.
 8 Different

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a    1  Person´s name ( Peter)
       2 I´m sorry I haven´t writeen for so long
       3 I´ve got som egood news
       4 (Anyway)I have to finish now/That´s all for now
       5 Write soon
       6 (Give my)Regards
       7 Looking forward to hearing from you/Hoping to hear from you soon.

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Click on this link for further listening practice.


Click on this link for further practice on sentence stress.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding ( grammar answer key)

    3 I´d prefer to listen to some music
    4 I´d rather go for a swim
    5 I´d rather wait a few minutes
    6  I´d prefer to eat at home.
    7  I´d rather think about it for a while.
    8 I´d rather stand
    9 I´d prefer to go alone.

   2  You´d better put a plaster on it.
   3 We´d better reserve a table
   4  You´d better not go to work
   5  I´d better pay the phone bill
   6  I´d better not go out
   7  We´d better take a taxi.


   2 I wish I had a key
   3 I wish Ann was/were here
   4 I wish it wasn´t /weren´t so cold
   5 I wish I didn´t live in a big city
   6 I wish I could go to the party
   7  I wish I didn´t have to work tomorrow
   8 I wish I knew sth about cars.
   9  I wish I was/werre lying on a beautiful sunny beach.

4  a  pottery class
    b  stubborn
    c  downtown
    d  stuff
    e  weird
    f   brochures
    g  best man
    h  lump
    i   smart


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If you want to download it without subtitles in Greek click on this page to watch episodes

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I wish I had some friends
I wish I had worked for...
I wish I could swim
I wish he helped me
I wish I hadn´t lost....

Annoying habits

I wish he would be rude
I wish she wouldn´t bite her nails
I wish you´d tidy your room
I wish he wouldn´t sing
I wish he would write letters

More Practice

I wish my father wasn´t always angry
I wish he had been with me..
I wish I weren´t/wasn´t so busy at the moment.
I wish you´d listen to me.
I wish he hadn´t thrown my newspapers
I wish he understood what I mean.

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I WISH ( answer key)

117.1  1 I wish you would hurry up
             2 I wish you would do the washing-up
             3  I wish you would tell me the whole story
             4  I wish you wouldn´t blow cigarette smoke in my face.
             5  I wish you would tell me what you are thinking
             6  I wish you wouldn´t leave the door open.
             7  I wish you would leave me alone
117.2   1 I wish/If only I could solve my problems
              2 I wish/If only I weren´t so tired
              3 I wish/if only I could sleep
              4 I wish/if only  life wasn´t/weren´t so dull
              5 I wish/if only my studies were going well.
              6 I wish/If oly I could concentrate
              7 I wish/If only I had some friends.

117.3   1 I had caught it
              2 Fiona wishes Jerry had stayed.
              3 But her parents wish she had accepted.
              4 If only we had kept it.
              5 I wish I had found it
              6 Their fans wish their team had won widely
              7 He wishes he had played the match

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Clicking on this link you´ll get the writing template you´ll have to use for the next written asignments you must hand in  in the near future. As you will see there´s a box with a Writing marking code for you to get familiar with it since it will be used to correct the writings in you June exam. 


Click on this link to practice Multiple choice listening

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Page 160

 1   no article exept for sentences 6, 7 8 and 9.
 2   personal answers ( no article)

Page 161

 1    1  the wheel  2 the novel   3 the computer   4  The violin   5  the ballpoint pen    6 the dog; the  wolf   7 the whale   8 The X-ray machine   9 the train   10 the camera

 2    1  the vilin   2 the piano    3 the guitar   4 the harp   5 the cello   6 the saxophone    7 the organ
        8   the trumpet

Page 164

 1   1  Life   2 Correct.   3 the cinema    4 the mountains   5 go to school    6 the Dragon
       Restaurant   7  I climbed Mont Blanc    8 elected President   9 Correct   10 Correct.

 2   1  a;a   2 a;an  3-;a;a   4  A; the   5 -;-;-  6 An;a   7 -;-   8 -;a  9 -;-;-;-  10 -  11 a;the   12  a;the;the
       13 -;a   14  a;the   15 a;an;the

Page 165

 3    Your own answers.

  4   1 the trumpet   2 the cello   3 the guitar   4 the violin   5 the piano   6 Ann Moore   7 Galileo Galilei   8 Mary Anderson   9 Grace Hopper   10  Alexander Graham Bell

  5 -;a              -;-;-;-;-;-

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Click on this link for the order of adjectives power point

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1   They look for the street scene, street culture, night club culture, and music culture.

2   It is a fearless way of dressing, anti- establishment, it has a rebel quality.

3   trend forecasting ; range; eager;  tap;

4   unparalelled, it has influenced capital desiners, it has won a centre for fashion and      style experimentation.

5   racial ; different aspects of different global cultures.

6   hip hop, ethnic references
     She looks like a Granny with her woollen hat, etc; the bag and the blazer don´t match.
     Her look is playful, fun; wit; laughed..  ;cute.

7  skinny, scruffy.

8 denim, sportswear, melting pot

The.........the....... comparatives ( answers)

a    2a  3 g  4 b  5d   6 f   7e  8 c

b   2  the sooner we start, the sooner we´ll finish
     3 The older you get, the wiser you become.
     4 The faster people drive, the more accidents they have
     5  The hotter the weather is, the more you need to drink
     6  The better you know her, the more you´ll like her.
     7  The more slowly you cook it, the better it´sll taste.
     8  The more work we do now, the less we´ll have to do later

c  2 the sooner we´ll arrive
    3 the fitter/healthier you´ll be
     4 the more clothes I wear
     5 the meaner they are

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 Watch this video and answer these questions or fill in the gaps.

1 According to the speaker the international fashion industry increasingly looks for the capital for inspiration. In what way? What three aspects of culture she refers to?

2 How does the woman describe London´s way of dressing? 

3 Ruth is a scout for a __________  ____________ company
   Her clients ___________ from designer brands to high street stores all _______ to ________ into London´s unique street style.

4 How does she describe London´ s fashion style and has been sponged for it?

5 What is surprising about London´s fashion? In one way it has a  _______message and on the other way it is able to mix ______________________________________________

6 What vocabulary can you spot from the first girl´s description? Who does she resemble according to the speaker ? Which two items of clothing don´t match according to Ruth?
 Her look is  __________ fun. There´s an element of _____ and "cartoonistness" assuming she might get   ________ at by people.
 She´s _______ and young.

7 The boy´s look is different. In what way?

    It´s not just ______jeans and plimsolls.
    Very London, very  ____________ but cool.

8 The last girl appearing on the video  mixes ______ with _________ and she´s a good example of British ________ _________.

ADJECTIVES (answer key)

a   2 the long one or the short one  3 The Irish   4 homeless people 5 Japanese man/woman
     6 ok   7 the poor/poor people   8 the dead   9  ok   10 rich/ a rich man

b  2 blue denim   3 awful gold    4 bif dark   5 long black silk   6 beautiful  old wooden  7  small black leather   8 delicious spicy Thai   9  short brown curly hair   10 new blue and white striped