jueves, 12 de mayo de 2016


Exercise 2

1 I¨d like to thank you/Thank you so much
2 It was really great/It was just wonderful
3 I´m very sorry about /I should apologise for 
4 rather hectic
5 I´d like to tell you/let me tell you  
6 Last Weekend
7 I was quite fascinated by/interested in
8 In fact/actually
9.- Hopefully/ all being well
10  Even though
11  Great news/ I´ve got some fantastic news
12  Believe it or not/You´re not going to believe this.
13  Surprise, surprise
14 Incidentally/By the way
15 I¨m considering/I´m thinking of
16  It´s been such a long time/It´s been ages


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